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Výchovný koncert kapely Sandonorico

Sandonorico bylo požádáno o odehrání vzdělávacího koncertu o symfonickém metalu! Jsme moc rádi, že jsou dnes školy podporující i tento styl hudby. Brzy se...

Výuka zpěvu Praha

Koncert nové sestavy Sandonorica

Dokumentace z prvního koncertu Sandonorica v oficiální sestavě: Zuzana Janišš, Lukáš Bradley, Miroslav Uher, Šimon Greško, Petr Pour a Nikola Weishäuplová.Moc...

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ZPÍVÁNKY jsou tradiční pěvecký koncert žáků zpěvu pedagožky a zpěvačky Zuzany Janiššové. Koncert bude všehochutí v oblasti populární hudby, kdy...

Výuka zpěvu Praha

Vystoupení s filharmonií a se sborem

Máme pro vás novinku. V neděli 11. listopadu od 19.00 hodin se v katedrále koná slavnostní koncert ke Dni válečných veteránů, 100. výročí ukončení I....


There are plenty of techniques and access to voice. All of them, however, pursue the same goal: a free, vocal and natural voice.
The paths to it may be different. It depends on the level of talent and disposition, as with any other skill. Each of us, however, can learn to sing to some extent, overcome its borders and get the best of it.

Well-guided lessons can help speed up the process. But it only depends on how much time and care you spend on your voice. Teacher advises and directs, but you must go by yourself.

Everyone is different, and one that helps one does not suit the other, and therefore I am working on the experience with different voice techniques and approaches that I am constantly expanding. I want my teaching to be as solid as possible.
I'm in touch with other cantors, I attend seminars and courses, I study literature, I still go to singing lessons and in combination with my singing and pedagogical practice I combine my acquired knowledge according to the nature and needs of the pupil.

With singing you can heal and get closer to yourself and to others. For someone it's easy, for the other less, but the joy that singing brings us is important.

Teaching options


It is suitable for those who want to move in singing, go deeper and really understand their voice, body and whole singing technique. Sharpen your taste and possibly find your style. All of this can be really noticeable if it goes hand in hand with home preparation. By pre-payment of the hours, you will get a fixed term that will not escape you and even more permanent motivation.


This lesson is more of a keeping or orientation character, unsuitable for beginners or singers who want to move noticeably. It is used by professionals for consultation and acute issues or problems.


Examples of techniques: breath and voice relaxation, musical improvisation, guided meditation, autogenous training, creating and practicing creative games.

Pair lessons are suitable for those who want to use the voice vocal technique even in the form of a balanced duet, back vocal or the creation of other voices and singing lines. It focuses on listening to your own voice and the voice of sparing a partner at the same time. You develop your musicality in a different plane than in individual lessons. It leads you to cooperation and mutual support. Voice technology, interpretation and phrasing is an integral part of these lessons.



Filming with me as a voice consultant and with a professional sound engineer and musician David Tomášek.
You can make a good record of your singing and try out a non-dry, classical or stage-based studio. Ringing through the headphones brings a different feeling and a preview of your voice. It's another way of working with your voice. Your singing from the recording will be your mirror as well as a guide to improving and determining your own individual style.

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